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Our Story

Empowering Clients at Every Turn

We are a family-owned health insurance agency and have 25 years of combined health insurance brokerage experience specific to Medicare health options. We are educators first. Our main objective is to help each person we meet understand Medicare and how it may work to meet their specific needs. Second, we are advocates for our clients. As Medicare may change, so do an individual's needs. We stay available year-round to help guide our clients to understand any changes and advocate on their behalf with their health insurance if there are any issues. With these two goals in mind, we look to empower every client in understanding that they have choices. Each of our agents have different experiences, inspirations, and passions that have led them to focus specifically on specializing in the age 65+ community. Additionally, we also offer solutions to individuals, families, self-employed, and small business owners. 


As an agency, our resident state is in Arizona where we each hold our resident licenses with the Arizona Department of Insurance (AZ DOI) however, we are also licensed in several different states throughout the U.S. We are able to acquire a license for other states as needed. Additionally, Gloria Santana is our key agent living locally in Queretaro, Mexico and travels to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. As we work with clients in Mexico, our goal is to provide education on whether Medicare options may be able to work for you internationally and what options may be available to provide potential coverage based on individual needs.

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Our Story

In 2012, I left my position in financial services. I was working for a large national bank as a business banker but the economic crash of 2007/2008 left me with little support or resources to help people and businesses the way that I wanted to help. I was looking for something different that would allow me to help people and I was introduced to health insurance and a concept called “Medicare” that focused primarily on the 65+ community.


Working with the 65+ community was my calling. I remember watching my grandmother slowly deteriorate as her body and mind gave way to Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and mini-strokes. Right before she passed, she had stopped talking and barely recognized many of our family members. This painful memory of watching a loved one slowly deteriorate and the challenges families face navigating health benefits and resources made me feel as if I could make a difference in helping people age 65+ and their families with the guidance and support to ensure that they have someone that can guide them correctly.


Today’s Medicare landscape, for someone looking for information or guidance, is filled with television advertisements promoted by celebrities oftentimes narrated with misleading and inaccurate information, or 1-800 numbers staffed by part-time seasonal employees that get quick surface-level training so that they can immediately staff the phone lines, or call centers with auto-dialers that incorrectly but purposefully identify themselves as actual Medicare employees (which they are not), or employees of your current plan (which they are not) and advise of an urgent need to renew your plan (which may not be required) or change your plan without reviewing all key pertinent information.


As a result, my wife, Maricela Santana, and I started Axia Senior Insurance Advisors in 2017. With her background in non-profit work, advocacy, and linking people in the community with a variety of helpful resources, we felt we had an important combination to become the educators and advocates we knew the 65+ community deserved but was severely lacking across the spectrum of clients that we started to acquire.

In 2020 we began working with under 65 health insurance solutions tailored to individuals, families, self-employed, and small business owners through our Under 65 division,  Axia Health Insurance Advisors.


Over the last several years, we have grown as an agency with several agents across different states throughout the U.S. We have expanded our reach of education and advocacy through our expat 65+ community networks in Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, and a few other areas in Mexico, an initiative that is being managed by Gloria Santana who lives locally in Mexico.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We welcome your questions and would love to connect with you to empower you about your options and earn your confidence as educators, advocates, and trusted advisors.~Daniel Santos 

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